COVID-19 7/15/2020 Update

Animal House Veterinary Hospital will again be open for curbside business beginning tomorrow, Thursday 7/16/2020. Our employees have all tested negative for Covid-19. We will continue to be curbside only, with payments being taken over the phone, until further notice.

We are a one-doctor hospital with a small staff, and we stand by our decision to be very pro-active and aggressive in keeping our staff and hospital safe during this pandemic. If our only doctor or multiple staff members were to become seriously ill with Covid-19, a much longer closing of our doors would be inevitable.

We sincerely value and appreciate our clients who have been understanding and supportive during this difficult and confusing time. It has not always been a smooth undertaking. While we were closed, we had one staff member trying to return as many phone calls as possible during regular business hours. We hope that the inevitable delays caused by being severely short staffed have not caused any hardship, but we are doing our best to try and be available.

This pandemic is not over. There has been an alarming increase in the number of cases in Galveston County. We will continue our current manner of operation for the foreseeable future. Due to health issues unrelated to Covid-19, we continue to be short staffed at the front desk. Please be patient with us. If your call is not answered, this means another client is being assisted. Please leave a message and your called will be returned as soon as possible. We are closed on weekends, and calls are not being monitored outside of business hours. If any of our clients find these measures to be an inconvenience, or feel that the health of your pet is in jeopardy, we urge you to take whatever steps you feel are necessary.

Again, our heartfelt gratitude to all of our loyal clients who have been so patient and supportive.

Richard E. Hoekstra, DVM

For more information, contact us at any time.