Help for Homeless Pets:
Donate to Rescued Friends Fund

Animal House Veterinary Hospital has created the Rescued Friends Fund to accept donations to offset the costs of providing veterinary care and pet placement for our community’s homeless pet population. Your help in caring for these indigent animals is greatly appreciated and allows us to provide proper veterinary care they would otherwise not receive.

We have set up a specific PayPal account for donations toward the costs of medical care for these animals. If you wish to donate, please see our PayPal link below.

Frankie is an example of one of many abandoned and injured animals supported by donations to the Rescued Friends Fund.


Frankie was a 5-week old kitten that was dropped off at Animal House Veterinary Hospital by a kind man who found her on a local highway. She had been hit by a car and half of her left back leg had been severed, her tail was severed, and she was in shock. She was also covered with lice, fleas, and mud. The man who brought her in was on his way out of town and could not be responsible for her. Dr. Hoekstra and his technicians amputated her leg and tail and she was in ICU overnight. She was in critical condition but made a full recovery and was placed in a safe foster home. Frankie’s medical bills totaled $739.35. Frankie has since been adopted.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Rescued Friends Fund animal, please contact us.

Rescued Friends Fund Donations

Please help our abandoned and injured animal friends with a donation toward their medical care.